The value of the region

The Regionalwert model, launched in Freiburg, brings together (2022) some 5,000 people, organizations and institutions that have invested a total of 18 million Euros in
the various Regionalwert AGs in Germany and some 200 partner companies.
2015 Among the top 3 international projects with the potential to create jobs in
the green economy in Catalonia (UpSocial, the Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Service de
Occupation of Catalonia).
2016 Selected by Ashoka among the 20 projects that can create the most jobs
in southern Europe. Presentada en el Parlamento Europeo como un de los 10 en fase de implantación.

The first thing I would emphasize about this translation is that it is not a conventional translation, but a first attempt at implementing the model. It has been a collective work, slow because we started in 2016, with the conviction that creating economic communities such as.
Regionalwert will allow us to make an ecological transition as a more resilient, more collaborative, more holistic society… So thank you very much to all those who participated in the
translation, proofreading and editing. And to you who now have the opportunity to buy the free one. We trust
that will have reached you, like a seed that germinates with collective intelligence.